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Monday, October 22, 2012

Behind the Lens

Bradley John Huckins, Photographer

World traveler who inherited his father's eye for photography.

A photo taken during one of his many visits to the Middle East, this of the middle pyramid at Giza, called Khafra (also known as Khafre or Chephren). Distinguished by its remaining cap, it is the second largest pyramid at Giza built by pharoah Khafra, who is also credited with building the Sphinx. Some say the face of the Sphinx is that of Khafra.

Bradley lived for a while at Plum Island, the barrier island off the coast of Newbury, Newburyport and Rowley. Winters could be savage and the island was often cut off from the mainland. Depicted here is one of the many boardwalks at the National Reserve, in full capture of falling snow.
You can almost see your breath in this photo, taken after a winter storm with waves at full crash mode. Plum Island severely erodes during major blizzards and hurricanes and of late, houses have been taken by the sea.
A timeless looking photograph of Plum Island in flood stage. This picture says it all.
This photograph of a rather agile Bradley was taken at Bow Lake by his father.

Assorted photos of Bradley John Huckins. Top is Sepia tone of DJ Bradley Jay at WBCN, The Rock of Boston; Bradley spins at River Rave; Bradley at House of Blues; Bradley, how radio talk show host at WBZ and Jay Talking.
To learn more about Brad, go to: to read an article I penned about his long career in music.

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